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VitalWrap Hot & Cold Therapy, We are excited about the newest products added to our line. They are featured on our Home page and combine a system of hot or cold circulating water with specially tailored wraps available for any area of the body.






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Life is Hard…Brace Yourself is the Internet wholesale division of BioKinetics, Inc. Our site was created to provide a convenient and economical way to purchase high quality, professional extremity braces, supports and accessories through the Internet. is devoted exclusively to orthopedic braces and therapy products that are not otherwise available to the general public except through a medical pharmacy, orthopedist, podiatrist, chiropractor or other health care professional.

With over 37 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that when you purchase a product from we stand behind it. Thousands of satisfied customers all over the United States have purchased braces from our company. We supply orthopedic sports medicine doctors, professional sports teams, colleges and universities, high schools, hospitals, and all branches of the military. represents only the most recognized manufacturers in the world of orthopedic braces and supports. With thousands of orthopedic products on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right brace for your needs. has taken the guesswork out of making that choice by hand-selecting those products with only the highest level of proven effectiveness. We’ve taken our queues from the most respected orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists and chiropractors in the business and chosen our product offerings based on what these highly trained professionals recommend for their patients’ use.

As product dealers, we cannot recommend braces or provide advice about which type of brace is best for your needs. We strongly advise you to consult your medical professional to determine which brace is recommended for your particular condition before you purchase your product from

Visit our site often for changing specials. Please review all terms and conditions before purchasing your brace product.