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VitalWrap Hot & Cold Therapy, We are excited about the newest products added to our line. They are featured on our Home page and combine a system of hot or cold circulating water with specially tailored wraps available for any area of the body.






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Tri-Band Tennis Elbow System
> A unique system that features a three in one solution for elbow pain management. This popular model is Velcro® compatible and features a pocket which will hold either a memory foam compression pad, a gel bag for cold compression or a gel/magnet pad. Our number one tennis elbow support closes conveniently with a Velcro® loop lock closure. Another of our unique products, try it today.
Price :$21.95

Price :$22.95

> Material(s): Memory Foam® Pad, Gel Bag, Magnet/Foam Pad
> 3-in-1 Memory Foam® Pad Compresses Extensor and Flexor Muscles to Reduce Elbow Vibration and Associated Pain
> Air Pad Creates Greater Pressure At the Involved Site
> Gel Bag Provides Cold Compression to Reduce Swelling and Pain
> Gel/Magnet Pad Reduces Pain and Speed Recovery
> Loop-Lock Velcro® Closure
> Universal