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VitalWrap Hot & Cold Therapy, We are excited about the newest products added to our line. They are featured on our Home page and combine a system of hot or cold circulating water with specially tailored wraps available for any area of the body.






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The Pneumatic Comfort Cold Therapy Hip Support
> The Pneumatic Comfort Hip Support combines an inflatable air bladder for compression and the comfort of Cold Therapy Gel Bags into one simple-to-use, superior patient rehab hip support. Universally sized, the Pneumatic Comfort Hip Support enhances the healing process, taking traditional rehab therapy to a whole new level. By providing patients with comfortable, adjustable compression from the pneumatic air bladder and long-lasting Cold Therapy, the Pneumatic Comfort Hip Support is proof that post injury, post surgical rehabilitation has never been more comfortable, effective and simple!
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product in use on hip
Price: $94.95

> Patients like the simplicity, flexibility, comfort, convenience, and most of all, the mobility the Pneumatic Comfort Hip Support provides.
Multiple studies have validated the use of compression and cold therapy in reducing swelling, edema, post operative pain and the use of oral and injected analgesic narcotics. Specific studies have shown that the combination of cold and compression led to less post-operative swelling of the joint, a more rapid return to a full range of motion (ROM), a reduction in pain scores, reduced need for analgesics and a more rapid return to normal function.
Acute Hip Trauma, Total Hip Arthroplasty, Swelling and Management of Edema Effusion and Osteoarthritis.
1. Adjustable Compression to reduce swelling
2. Cold Therapy to reduce pain.
3. Stays cold for hours.
4. Universal Size
5. No cords or hoses to trip on giving increased mobility.
6. Fits securely to the hip.
7. Hand washable for easy cleaning.